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The main idea behind Pinnacle Corporation (PINNCORP) is to source products of good export quality and target customers abroad.

Our products are of good quality and the price is usually competitive in comparison to other countries due to low labor costs and ample resources.There are a lot of companies in India who are manufacturing very good quality products but they are not well placed abroad.


Dyestuff Intermediates   Food-Feed Ingredients   Services

India and China are presently the strongest producers of dyestuff Intermediates manufactured from Beta Naphthol, Naphthalene and Analyne.

  Tie up with official channel partners of International Flavour houses. End of the day the customer is getting the best quality branded flavours at a competitive prices.   We undertake every aspect of the entire supply chain, including import and export management, warehousing solutions, palettization and value added services, such as labelling and invoices.

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