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Food Ingredients:


Maltodextrin 10 - 14 DE
Maltodextrin 18 - 22 DE
Sorbitol 70
Dehydrated Vegetable Products  
Soya Products like  
  Soya Lecithin,
  Soya Flour,
  Soya Gritz
  Soya Lecithin De Oiled Powder
  Soya Texturized Vegetable Protein,

Food Flavors :

Tie up with official channel partners of International Flavor houses. Finally the customer is getting the best quality branded flavors at a competitive prices.

Dyestuff Intermediates:

India and China are presently the strongest producers of dyestuff Intermediates manufactured from Beta Naphthol, Naphthalene and Analyne. The major food and industrial dyes are manufactured using these intermediates. We can assure the best international quality intermediates at competitive prices. All our chemicals are manufactured from registered plants in Gujarat (which is the hub of Chemical Industry of India) and delivered to our bonded storage area in the Indian Customs Warehouse. Taking our deliveries directly in the customs bonded warehouses rules our even the minutest possibilities of contamination and misuse of any product.

Our current product portfolio contains:


 Schaeffer’s Salt

 Sulphanilic Acid
 Sodium Naphthionate
 Bronner’s Acid

Nature Pure Products:

We are closely working with factories producing international standard of essential oils and naturaly derived products from their plant in South of India with a comprehensive product range to be targeted across various industries. Below is their range of products:

Food & Flavor Products:
 Black Pepper Select Oil
 Black Pepper Oleoresin
 Black Pepper Total Extract
 Cardamom Oil
 Clove Bud Oil
 Coriander Seed Oil


We undertake every aspect of the entire supply chain, including import and export management, warehousing solutions, palettization and value-added services, such as labeling and invoicing. Our logistics services also include the handling of products under special conditions. And with our data retrieval services, we make all processes as convenient as possible for everyone involved. To summarize, we can take up the following logistic services for our clients:

Sea Freight
Air Freight
LCL shipments
Logistics Management
Import and Export
This puts the client at ease and they get all the services under one roof.

Stay assured about the best quality at competitive prices. The above brief showcases a wide variety of products and most of them for food, industrial and cosmetic applications. Dealing directly with the manufacturers gives us cost efficiency and transparency of information.



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